Solution is CONTENT (i.e. “happy”) with the final NT removed (indicated by “ignore good books”, NT being the New Testament of the Bible). Solution is BELT with the E eliminated (indicated by “not straightforward at first”, i.e. the primary letter of “easy”). The remainder, BLT, is an abbreviation which when “expanded” will get you the answer. Solution is PIPER (i.e. “Scotsman playing”) with the center letter eliminated (indicated by “heartless”). Solution is a homophone, indicated by “we hear”, of IN SOME (i.e. at residence a few of the time, or “not all the time away”). In “America” SOME is used to describe “a whole lot more” or “a massive amount”, which doesn’t fairly match the clue, however I get the thought.

The handle to the reader mentions further languages, but none are identified. He also makes use of the marker ‘k’ to imply ‘a sort of something’, as Coote does, though there are solely twenty-one of these, largely within the early letters, and exactly what he meant by this is unclear. There are also inconsistencies, similar to cockatrice being defined as ‘a type of beast’, somewhat than utilizing the abbreviation. No italics are used in the headwords, and the English glosses and definitions are in blackletter. For instance, solely standard phrases, or solely modern slang (such because the crowdsourced consumer website

Although teammate went with the solution of inlining all of the styles and having reset components, which was doable with their workflow, this was merely not an option when we had ten times the number of puzzles, all in raw HTML. The concept of combining the two measurements with the Pythagorean theorem got here first. We used all the rounds that existed in the MMO to make THIRD SIDE, and then realized we may add in Yew Labs to make the ten letters in HYPOTENUSE.

Timing Matters of dating and timing that are relevant to the development of the text. This is generally thought of to be compulsory, however is not all the time straightforward to determine. In summary it could be mentioned that a production dictionary needs to offer a substantial quantity of information about the translational equivalents of a headword and far much less details about the headword itself. The status of the chosen entry phrases; the knowledge offered on entry words. The classes of grammatical info supplied for every lemma in a dictionary article; the ordering of those information classes within a dictionary article.

At least it will not dilute the paper’s model value. But looking at it from new solver’s perspective something to spend time in an fascinating means. I deal with it like re studying a good (?) book.

Although Cawdrey’s dictionary didn’t outlast the early seventeenth century, Bullokar’s was much more enduring and thus extended Cawdrey’s influence, having survived into the eighteenth century. This influence also prolonged into the third monolingual English dictionary, compiled by Henry Cockeram, which once more had an extended revealed life extending to yet one more revision by R. The look of the first monolingual dictionaries in English represents the confluence of a quantity of interconnecting streams in English society and tradition. Lexicography as an independent practice was necessary, but not primary among these.

Partly it’s so if my opponent takes one opening, there will nonetheless be another opening for me to take. Partly it’s as a outcome of if I’ve set it up right, my opponent’s achieve will likely create a gap for me to realize much more. If I play in a way that closes off opportunities, yes, my opponent won’t be able to score big, but neither will I – and my opponent also won’t be able to make a play that might be helpful to me.

And gang – this was a enjoyable puzzle this morning, with some very clever cluing. I was properly into the puzzle before I discovered the theme, and even then there were some I was unfamiliar with. Of course I agree along with your comments. I’m fairly certain that most people here, even the ones who don’t indulge within the DF, get a little kick out of the wit and wordplay. And of course, those that are actually offended get to take pleasure in their offendedness and the little shiver that comes with selfrighteousness.